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Il Masaccio

hotel masaccioTommaso di Ser Giovanni Cassai called Masaccio, was born in San Giovanni Valdarno December 21 1401, and there goes his youth, then in 1422 we moved to Florence, where he enrolled as a painter of the art medical and special, little is known of his training, certainly influenced somewhat 'da Panicale and Masolino, whom then will have a constant and fruitful collaboration that began with the painting "Saint Metterza" created for the church of Saint Ambrose in Florence and now kept in UFFIZI .
The harmony between the two painters is great, so is that you are calling for the fresco in the Brancacci Chapel Carmine in Florence. The frescoes are the subject of Life Histories of St. Peter and stories of Genesis, starting with the work in 1424, the two artists share the scene so that the two ways of painting does not come into conflict with each other, then Masolino abandons the work in 1425, while leaving Masaccio's work in 1426. (The frescoes will be concluded later by Filippino Lippi).
Masaccio, next to Brunelleschi and Donatello, he founded the humanism in painting, was among the first to realize the significance of the perspective of Brunelleschi and deep humanity donatelliana.
Masaccio in his works give an art stripped of ornaments, but rich in content.
One of the most famous fresco is "The Trinity", which is located in the Church of St. Maria Novella in Florence, where we see the plant perspective of Brunelleschi and the figures of Masaccio.
His artistic brief, is a key point in the Florentine Renaissance painting, so rich in advance; masaccesca line was, in fact, taken up later by Michelangelo.
Masaccio died prematurely in Rome at the end of 1428 at only 27 years, the legend tells of a murder by a rivale.hotel masaccio

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