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hotel masaccioLocated within the triangle Florence-Siena-Arezzo, Valdarno is still a land almost unknown, yet full of charm.
Walking through the area can notarne variety: from the alluvial plain crossed by the River Arno, passing the beautiful hills of Chianti and Pratomagno up to the mountainous area and that part of the Chianti not exceed 800 mt., While the other side of the can Pratomagno up to 1500.
Suggestivo but the phenomenon is characteristic of Balze: sediments deposited by a lake in the Pliocene and pleistocene, about 20 km long, which occupied the current Valdarno that over the millennia, has withdrawn the lake, have been subjected to a continuous action of erosion by the weather that have shaped up to take the fascinating forms known as the "Balze."
These strange natural formations can be seen in Newfoundland Bracciolini, Castelfranco di Sopra, Pian di Scò, Laterina and Reggello.
The landscape is really wonderful, so much is that, even Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated them and represented in some of his paintings, as for example in the landscape background to the Mona Lisa.

The Valdarno is a land of oil and wine, rich in history and culture, churches and monasteries, but also renowned for working wood and glass and ultimately fashion center, with production of brands such as Prada, Gucci and Ferragamo and many, in fact, are the "Outlet" to visit in the area.
A land full of charm where life and the time flow on a human scale.
Gionri spend some green in our campaign, at the foot of the gentle Sollini and mountains outside the city but close to it, immersed between olive groves and vineyards, it can help people to live moments of true and pure serenity.

For those who love wine and the oil, few miles separate us from the Chianti hills with their vineyards and olive groves, from Greve in Chianti, with its square framed by porticos and many wineries where you can enjoy good wine, and still Castellina in Chianti, Radda and Cavriglia typical small town, known for large deposits lignitiferi and the park-zoo.

Figline Valdarno today is an important productive but still the city walls built in the fourteenth century, to see the log at the Serristori, dating back to the seventeenth century, and the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria, which preserves the precious table trecentesca of Madonna Child Enthroned with Angels and Saints.
Also of interest are the Palazzo Pretorio and Serristori of Casa Grande, a splendid residence of the fifteenth century. In the center of Figline is the Chiesa di San Francesco, where the porch Renaissance cloister and chapter house are open to the public.
A Gaville, a hamlet of Figline Valdarno, is visiting the Church of San Romolo, where the Museum of Civilization Contadina, embellished by a large olive oil mill for the seventeenth century.

Closest to Florence are Incisa, vibrant district that preserves the central tower of the castle, and a few meters are the Oratory of the Crucified One who keeps the Holy Cross Miraculous in the past object of veneration and pilgrimage, in the church have kept many works of art of great importance, so there are plans to turn it into a museum of sacred art.
Worth a stop even the Church of San Clemente a Sociana to Rignano sull'Arno, building a very simple architecture where you can admire the Madonna and Child by Antonio Rossellino and two beautiful angels reggicandelabro carved by Mino da Fiesole.
You can not miss is Loro Ciuffenna, a small picturesque village perched on the stream the same name in a splendid position. The medieval village is virtually intact and in the district called "Fondaccio" keep all the original buildings, grouped at the end of a bridge span from the Romanesque dizzy. In the Church of Santa Maria Assunta there is a triptych attributed to Lorenzo di Bicci, but absolutely do not miss a visit to the nearby Church of Gropina, the most important of the Romanesque churches of Valdarno.
And Castel Franco di Sopra. The old town of Castelfranco maintains the charm of medieval military structure built for defensive purposes and for commercial and political expansionism. Like all the "new lands" wanted by the Florentines in the thirteenth century, is built around the main square with a checkerboard pattern, where the streets are paved cross squarely. It is still part of the crenellated walls of the fortification, two doors and palaces built during the Renaissance.
Also worth seeing are the parish church of St. Thomas, built in Thousand, 's Oratory of St. Philip and the fourteenth-century Palazzo Comunale, where there are also the old prisons.
A Montevarchi can find the Collegiate Church of San Lorenzo, where the Sacred Art Museum collects works of art amongst these is a monumental temple style Robbiano.
Laterina instead preserves the medieval castle, although many have been found that archaeological evidence of human occupancy since prehistory. Probably owes its name to the many brick kilns operating in the Etruscan and Roman periods. Very impressive are the ruins of Castle Bucine, perhaps born as an Etruscan settlement - the Roman Empire, but now an important center in the Middle Ages for its strategic position on the Valley of amber. Thanks to the director position on the main liaison between the Arno Valley and Siena, it soon became a populous and active commercial center.
Pergine Valdarno is a small village where the remains of the castle built in the tenth century and now incorporated in the little old town. Woods and hills planted with olive groves and vineyards are the main attraction of this small country of the Upper Valdarno, known for the quality of agricultural production.
And finally taking a few kilometers in the car, we can get to Florence, a city of art and the birthplace of the Renaissance, at Arezzo city of culture and handicrafts, and Siena famous for its beautiful Piazza.


STADIUM 150 mt
SIENA 50km
Cavriglia 10KM
Gaville 5KM
THEIR Ciuffenna 15KM


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